NMSL 2022 Labmate of the Year

Below are the comments I received from the lab survey in 2022 – these really keep me motivated!

She scheduled many lab events (e.g., Halloween) and she did it voluntarily. At the same time, she contributed a lot to a funding project and did very well on her own research (beyond my expectation).

She volunteered for many lab tasks, including head TA for EE595, and handled those tasks very well. She did many things to make our lab a better working space for lab members.

When I asked some questions, I felt like she really consider how she can be really helpful to me. Also, in the personal perspective, she is very lovely..

She proactively led lab activities and greatly contributed to improving the lab a lot.

She is the one who cares about the lab the most. She gives energy to the lab by planning events, bringing snacks, and so on.

She voluntarily cared lab environment and led lab events.

She is the kindest and very considerate person.

You have well managed multiple research and funding projects and have engaged in organizing various events, including lab events and HCI@KAIST events. Taking care of many various businesses at the same time is really challenging, but you have done all of them greatly. I really appreciate and respect you. I hope you experience less distress and achieve what you desire this year.

Yewon made surprising progress on her research projects. During a short period of working on AI writing project, I noticed that she has learned a lot about doing research. She also did a lot of work exploring problem space, interviewing many people, extracting findings from interviews, and identifying research problems to work on.

Yewon always volunteers and comes up with great ideas to improve the lab. She also does a lot of random acts of kindness.